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About Us

A warm and friendly welcome awaits all our guests from Mark & Yvette Cowderoy, who has owned the Atlanta Guesthouse since 2008, so nearly 10 years now!  How time flies?! 


Hope you find the following interesting and we look forward to seeing you very soon.

Just a little more background on Mark, Yvette & the Atlanta Guesthouse ...


Mark was born in Eastbourne, the year is a secret as he's shy like that!! He'd like you to think he's still 39, but realistically that's more his waist-line!! Seriously though, his hobbies include playing golf on the beautiful South Downs. For all you likeminded golfers, he plays off a generous 16, and once he gets going, will chat endlessly over the 'potential' holes-in-one that never quite happened!


Before taking on the challenges of running a Guesthouse, Yvette was an IT contractor - very different lifestyles indeed!!  In a case of 'can't beat them, join them', she also is taking up golf!

Another passion we share is cars, both old and new. While on holiday, we saw a one-off Lamborgini Adventador J - WOW, but where was the camera when you needed one?!!

The Atlanta Guesthouse was previously named the 'Glenroy'. We tried to dig around for more information on the property, but alas failed to come up with anything worthwhile, but we will endeavour to find something out, so keep checking our Blog for any updates. In the meantime, follow this link for interesting facts and figures about Eastbourne, specially the timeline, who knew Eastbourne goes back to Roman times? Or that the original 1893 Bandstand cost £300?!.

In these last 10 years since 2008, Mark has basically had to resurrect the business from nothing. In that time he has done tremendously well.  An initial loan from the bank allowed the first of many renovation plans to begin. Starting with the third and second floor sea view rooms, Room 9 & Room 6 respectively. In 2014 saw the third sea view room, Room 3, finished and is now our principal/leading room.


Room 7 and Room 4 also had minor refurbishments, along with new beds.  Next on the list was the small double rooms, Room 5 & 8.  Being popular on price, we had to utilise the limited space in these rooms, so both have been tastefully decorate with TV beds!!

2015 saw the communal areas completely renovated, hallway, stairs & landings, Dining Room kitchen area, along with a new sign, so the Atlanta is now in lights! Mid 2017, FINALLY we completed the Dining Room.

As with all these things, plans are never ending, so future plans are currently under wraps! But keep watching the Blog for updates and hopefully witness the new plans unfold and become a reality.

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