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East of the Pier

To some, there has been a long standing difference between West of the pier and East of the pier. I did start this piece using 'sisters' as the metaphor, instead Mark suggested a football one!!

So here goes!! East vs West of the pier, can be likened to Manchester United and Manchester City, where Alex Ferguson while ManU were riding the success wave, famously referred to ManCity as "... the noisy neighbours ...".

Now it seems the tables have turned, with ManCity wining the league twice leaving ManU trophy-less (as at March'16 anyway)!!

This scenario can now possibly be said of East of pier! Perhaps this area is finally getting some of the adulation, glory and glitter, that West of the pier has been naturally afforded?!

Anyway, long winded-way of saying, click on the logo for more info .....!!!!!!!

PS: I personally still prefer my 'sister' metaphor, but ho-hum ...!!!!

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